'More student flats planned?' - Edinburgh reacts to Scottish Widows leaving Dalkeith Road office after 45 years

Scottish Widows will leave the office in Dalkeith Road.Scottish Widows will leave the office in Dalkeith Road.
Scottish Widows will leave the office in Dalkeith Road.
Evening New readers have been reacting to the news that Scottish Widows is to leave its Dalkeith Road office after 45 years - and many suspect the building could be converted to student accommodation.

Around 2,200 workers at the financial services company will leave the office later this year as part of a reduction in the amount of unused office space rented by parent company Lloyds Banking Group.

No jobs will be lost as part of the relocation and the decision was made to reduce levels of unused space within their estate.

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The building itself is A-listed and is considered to be a major architectural achievement for Sir Basil Spence, and has been home to Scottish Widows since 1976.

Staff will be moved to Lloyds' Port Hamilton and Citymark offices in Edinburgh, helping to reduce the 3,200 unused desks in the company's property portfolio.

Readers react

Evening News readers have been reacting to the news on social media today.

One reader, Paul Clarkson, asked: "More student flats planned?"

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Another, Jacqueline Dunn, said: "Hotel or student accommodation winging its way... no wait.., Cala homes will have it earmarked for unaffordable homes."

A third, Stewart Robertson, said: "That'll be more student housing on the way then! What a sad day for Edinburgh.

And James Melvin said: "Bet that gets converted into student accom."

But Jake Fraser said: "They will have quite a battle to get it as accommodation, it’s an A listed building and then would need to get a change of use, so I can't see it being converted or torn down, the rest of the land well that's probably fair game."

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Pauline Downie said: "It's an A listed building so can't be pulled down any changes will be to the inside only."

Michael Stimson said: "That'll be quite a loss for businesses in the surrounding area. It would be quite good as a museum place though or maybe a library."

Robert Drummond said: "Lots of memories."

Jbrown said: “Wow, end of an era.”