Pathhead brothers answer national call to score with Scotland World Cup song

Pathhead folk-pop duo Braw, aka brothers Andrew and Iain Mundy, are this week releasing a Scotland World Cup song, despite the country not quite yet qualifying.
Iain (left) and Andrew Mundy, aka Braw.Iain (left) and Andrew Mundy, aka Braw.
Iain (left) and Andrew Mundy, aka Braw.

‘When Scotland Called' is the second Braw tune dedicated to the national football team following their Euro 2020 song ‘A Long Time Coming’, and comes despite Steve Clarke’s side still having two play off matches to navigate next month to book their place at the tournament to be held in Qatar later this year.

Speaking about their latest football song, Iain said: “We haven’t qualified yet, but when we did the Euros song we had lots of people asking us to do more Scotland football songs. It got big on Tik-Tok weirdly.

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"We were going to wait until we qualify, but then we thought we might not qualify so we are releasing it well ahead of the World Cup.

The single cover for Braw's latest football song.The single cover for Braw's latest football song.
The single cover for Braw's latest football song.

"It’s a general Scotland song which is kind of vague enough but generally a World Cup song. I just hope it means Scotland qualify!

"My brother Andrew tends to write the lyrics but this one was more of a team effort, the two of us, and my wife helped out too.

"The Euros one did well and was played on the radio. So if this song does the same and helps us get some more gigs that would be great as well."

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So how does writing football songs compare with other Braw material?

"It’s just different,” replied Iain.

"We probably won’t do another one because we don’t want to be a football songs band, but we had so many requests to do it again and it was quite easy to write an upbeat cheery song with the players’ names in it.

"It still sounds like Braw but it’s more fun really. We are still telling a story. But we will probably be doing something different next time.

"We are looking forward to the video premiere on Friday. It should be really fun to see the reactions to fans seeing themselves in it.

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"We don’t take ourselves very seriously so hopefully that comes across as quite fun in the video and the song.

"It’s quite cheeky and hopefully people can sing along to it.”

The song will be available to download and stream on Friday, February 25.

The video will be available on Youtube from 6pm on Friday at