Petition launched calling for public toilets in Gorgie Dalry

A petition has been launched calling on the council to introduce public toilets in Gorgie and Dalry.
Councillor Ross McKenzieCouncillor Ross McKenzie
Councillor Ross McKenzie

The tenant’s union Living Rent has launched a petition calling on the council to introduce public toilets in Gorgie and Dalry.

Since the closure of Ardmillan Terrace Public Toilets in 2015, the community council area of Gorgie Dalry has had no public toilets, with the closest public toilets being over a mile away.

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Campaigners say that the lack of public toilets has a negative effect on the accessibility of the area.

The Gorgie and Dalry council area is home to roughly 20,000 people with a busy high street, several schools and a football stadium with capacity of 20,000. Living Rent

say that the addition of a public toilet is important for such a busy community and argue that public facilities are important for community health.

Living Rent Tenants Union point to figures that show that the lack of available facilities deter as many as 1 in 5 from venturing out of their homes and impacting 2 in 5 of those with

medical conditions.

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A report last year highlighted toilets in the capital that are no longer fit for purpose, and where there are gaps in provision – including at the council’s ‘premier parks’, at high-visitor

locations such as Portobello beach and the Pentland Hills and in Edinburgh’s official town centres.

Ten toilets were closed in Edinburgh in 2016 to save the council £300,000 including the toilets at Ardmillan, Canaan Lane, Canonmills, Currie, Granton Square, Joppa, Juniper Green, London Road, St John's Road and Tollcross.

Aditi Jehangir, Chair of the Gorgie Dalry branch of Living Rent says:

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“Austerity and cuts to our public services have let our community down time and time again. Public, fully accessible toilets give many people the freedom to go out in our streets without having to worry about whether they can access the toilet or needing to pay to access basic facilities.

"We are a lively area with a football stadium, proximity to Murrayfield, several schools and a large population. Across the community, families with young ones, older people, longtime residents and businesses all support the need for a public toilet. Gorgie Dalry deserves better and we deserve free, accessible, safe public toilets now.

Local councillor Ross Mckenzie said: "Public toilet provision in Gorgie/Dalry has been wiped out and it's an issue that has been raised with me a number of times since I was elected.

I fully support Living Rent's campaign and I know the Gorgie/Dalry branch can, once again, bring the community together to fight for public space and public facilities"

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