Petition to put googly eyes on 'Golden Turd' at St James Quarter

A petition aims to kick up a stink in Edinburgh's city centre by having the council put googly eyes on the St James Quarter's 'Golden Turd'.

Wednesday, 17th February 2021, 5:38 pm

With just over a hundred names, the online bid isn't quite yet flush with signatures, and is unlikely to give the council reason to strain themselves.

However, the petition, entitled 'Pit Googly Eyes Oan the Jobby', clearly shows there are plenty of people who are already browned off by the controversial structure.

Many, who are backing the ‘movement’ see it as the idea way to highlight what they see as a monstrosity that already resembles the popular emoji, while raising a smile at the same time.

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The controversial coil was dumped on top of the building.

But it’s not really the dung thing to just turn a building into an emoji, and the council will probably just turn its nose up at the motion.

HJ Giles, who started the petition, comments: "If we hiv tae tak look at it we should mak it mair entertainin. Pit googly eyes oan the jobby."

And by the looks of things, plenty of other people have been bowelled over by the idea, leaving comments in support.

Iain Robinson said: "This is the best idea I've heard for years.Gayle Milne said: "If the council is letting the old town crumble, they should jazz up the new stuff as much as possible."

HJ Giles feels this would be a vast improvement.

Meanwhile, Stuart Edy makes a strong case: "It’s vital to humanise new architecture."

Greg Cotton added: "I've never signed a more important petition."

Neil Turner-Richardson concludes: "It's not going to make it look any worse is it?"