Pope Benedict XVI visits Edinburgh: 13 pictures of historic visit from Pope to Princes Street in 2010

Crowds cheered the then Pope as he was driven along Edinburgh’s famous Princes Street

Pope Benedict XVI, who has died at the age of 95, will be remembered as the first pope for over 600 years to resign from the post. But in Edinburgh and Scotland, he will be remembered for a historic visit that took place on September 16, 2010, when he made Edinburgh his first stop on a four-day visit to the UK.

His plane flew into Edinburgh Airport, he met the Queen at the Palace of Holyroodhouse, was driven along Princes Street in a Popemobile and spoke to well-wishers outside the then Cardinal’s residence in Morningside before going in for lunch. He later led a huge outdoor mass in Gasgow’s Bellahouston Park attended by around 65,000 people before flying to London that evening.

Benedict XVI succeeded John Paul II on his death in 2005 but stunned the church and the watching world by standing down in 2013. It was the first resignation by a pope since Gregory XII in 1415. He has since lived quietly in a monastery inside the Vatican. Many tributes have been paid following his death on Friday Dec 31 and thousands of people are filing past his coffin s it lies in state ahead of his funeral on Thursday.

Here are some pictures recalling the day he came to Edinburgh.

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