Princess Diana: Readers react on 25th anniversary of Princess of Wales' death

As we mark 25th anniversary of death of Princess Diana, the passing of the ‘people’s princess’ still evokes strong reactions.

There was shock and an outpouring of grief when Diana died in a car crash in Paris on August 31, 1997, aged just 36.

This week her son, the Duke of Sussex, said he will “share the spirit” of Diana, Princess of Wales, with his children as he marks the 25th anniversary of her death.

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Harry said he wishes Archie and Lilibet could have met his late mother who he said “most certainly will never be forgotten”.

Diana, Princess of Wales during a visit to Lahore, Pakistan PIC: Stefan Rousseau/PA

An international style icon and royal rebel, Princess Diana was best known for championing social issues like Aids awareness – she famously held the hand of a man with the illness and also opened the UK’s first specialised ward for AIDS patients.

The princess also highlighted homelessness and joined campaigners calling for a ban on landmines.

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Her legacy lives on in sons Harry and William through their work championing social causes that were close to her heart.

Royal fans paid tribute to Diana this week by laying flowers outside Kensington Palace in London, Diana’s former home.

A person laying flowers on the gates outside Kensington Palace, the former home of Diana on the 25th anniversary of her death. PIC: Aaron Chown/PA

Edinburgh Evening News readers have shared their memories of the day she died, with many expressing shock and sadness.

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Danielle Clegg, who was a young child at the time, said: "Watching the news with my mum and dad I was 4 or 5, am now 29. I loved Princess Diana. Her memory will live on through the people who loved her as it has now for 25 years since she’s been gone.”

Sharon Renton-Welsh was just home after a concert at the assembly rooms. She said: “Just came home after seeing Mika at Edinburgh festival and my mother in law was in bits, then my mum the following morning was so upset.”

Heather Anderson remembers the atmosphere at the shop where she worked: “Just getting up for work at John Menzies, the newspapers were late that day and were full of the

news, 2nd and 3rd editions also printed. Very sombre feelings amongst the customers.”

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Geraldine Sands was at a family wedding when she found out the tragic news. “I was at my nephew’s wedding in England when we got back to the hotel we heard it on the news. I

couldn’t believe what I was hearing. RIP beautiful princess Diana you will never be forgotten x”

And Lorraine Hall was also just home from a wedding. “My daughter was so upset as she was born on Diana’s 21st birthday and adored her.”

Paul ODonnell said: “In my front room was devastated couldn’t believe it.”

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Irene Alexander remembered feeling very emotional after hearing the news. “Sitting in bed feeding baby and I cried,” she said.

Jamie Dockerty also shared his memories and added: “Walking home from a night out, was on Princes Street. Informed by a really upset, hysterical young man.”

Monica Campbell said: “At home getting ready for work, I remember the exact time it came on TV what a shock.”

Tricia McLenaghan remembers her sadness at hearing the news while in France. “Buying croissants in a small shop in a small village in France. The shopkeeper had one of those very small square TVs you can put on a shelf and it was just breaking on the news.”