Residents' anger at South Queensferry Tesco car park boy racers

Residents living near to the Tesco supermarket in South Queensferry have complained about noise caused by “boy racers” using the store’s car park late in the evening.

The Tesco car park in South Queensferry.
The Tesco car park in South Queensferry.

Locals say they are being plagued most evenings by the boy racers speeding about the Tesco car park with noisy exhausts, loud music and blaring horns, which they add can go on into the early hours of the morning.

One concerned resident, who didn’t want to be named, said: “They congregate in the car park just about every night; they don’t seem to have regular set days for going there, it could be any night.

“And they are there until the early hours of the morning sometimes.

“There can be quite a lot of them. On some occasions I have seen three cars racing from one end to the other of the car park.

“Also at the side of the car park, they often go up there and have a blether with their engines revving.

“It’s a damn nuisance. My neighbours are saying the same thing. That it’s scandalous that they charge up and down there, music blaring away, horns going off.

“Even just watching the telly, sometimes you can’t hear it for all the noise. And some folks say they can’t get to sleep at night because of it.”

The concerned resident has spoken to local councillors as well as the store manager and the Tesco head office.

And they firmly believe the supermarket needs to tackle the issue. “ I have spoken to the manager who said his staff can’t go out to confront them, which I understand.

“ The head office has not got back to me and I’m told the police are aware but have not done anything.

“Tesco is open until midnight which attracts these boy racers.

“ It’s private property, not a public road, so it’s Tesco’s responsibility. Although the mana ger said they only rent the ground , as far as I’m concerned it is Tesco’s problem to deal with.

“I would like to see speed bumps put down in the car park, which I have seen at other supermarkets.”

Police Scotland declined to comment on the issue.

A Tesco spokesperson said: “The vast majority of our customers use our car parks responsibly. Where there are incidents of anti-social driving we will work with the police and authorities.”