Revealed: Edinburgh's top searches of 2016

IT'S the place we all go when we urgently need to know . . .

Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 10:17 am
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:18 pm
Google have revealed the top Edinburgh trends. Picture; contributed

And now, as we approach the end of 2016, internet search giant Google has compiled a list of the questions keeping Edinburgh awake at night.

We had sport, technology and politics on our minds – while celebrity deaths also had us swotting up.

But it was the Pokemon Go craze that kept us most occupied, as we took to Google in great numbers to figure out how to take part in the craze which at one point attracted hundreds of gamers to Princes Street Gardens.

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Pokemon Go players in Princes St Gardens

Matt Cooke, head of Google’s news bab in London, said: “As ever, our annual Year In Search survey has shown a snapshot of what Britain cared about in 2016 and the results are fascinating.

“The diversity in the top 10 most trending topics of the year show how which political events have dominated the zeitgeist, how celebrities have touched our hearts and how sport continues to unite us.”

Here’s a snapshot of what we were searching for in 2016 . . .

Edinburgh’s top trends

Prince, who died this year. Picture; PA

Euro 2016

iPhone 7

David Bowie

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go players in Princes St Gardens

Alan Rickman

EU Ref


Donald Trump

Prince, who died this year. Picture; PA


Steven Avery

We asked ‘How to . .’

How to play Pokemon Go

How to screenshot on a Mac

How to tie a tie

How to poach an egg

How to make pasta

How to draw

How to play basketball on messenger

How to work out a percentage

How to delete photos on iPhoto

How to install Kodi

‘What is . .’

What is Pokemon Go?

What is Brexit?

What is Article 50?

What is sepsis?

What is the single market?

What is a grammar school?

What is a hernia?

What is autism?

What is Sky Q?

What is the Mountain of Butterflies?