Road casualties rise in Falkirk and West Lothian – but still lower than before pandemic

More people were injured and killed on Falkirk's and West Lothian’s roads last year, new figures show, but casualty numbers remain lower than before the pandemic.

The pandemic saw road casualties drop across Great Britain as drivers stayed at home during lockdowns, but charities have warned the Government must do more tackle an uptick in injuries from traffic accidents.

Provisional figures from the Department for Transport suggest there were 136 road casualties in Falkirk in 2021 – a rise from 96 the year before, but fewer than the 167 in 2019. Four people died, while two were killed in 2020. Meanwhile, 41 serious injuries were recorded – up on the year before, when 26 people were badly hurt.

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In West Lothian, there were 249 road casualties in 2021 – a rise from 200 the year before, but fewer than the 305 in 2019. F ive people died, while six were killed in 2020. And 61 serious injuries were recorded – the same as the year before.

Stock picture of Linlithgow High Street, by Michael Gillen.Stock picture of Linlithgow High Street, by Michael Gillen.
Stock picture of Linlithgow High Street, by Michael Gillen.

National figures show 2,261 children were injured and 33 killed on Britain's streets last year.

Scott Williams, head of programme delivery at Brake, said every child should have the right to walk in their neighbourhood without fear of traffic or pollution.

"It is vital that children can walk safely in the places where they live." he added.

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Across the UK there were 127,967 road casualties in 2021 – an 11 per cent rise on the year before – while 1,560 people were killed. Of those who died, 686 were car users, but 363 pedestrians and 299 motorcyclists were also killed.

The number of cyclists who lost their lives dropped by 20 per cent from 141 in 2020 to 113 last year.

The RAC said the Gover nment must d o more to im prove road safety. The organisation's head of roads policy, Nicholas Lyes, said: “T h ere is a huge level o f concer n among drivers about the standard of driving on our roads, so we urge the Government to consider reintroducing road safety targets ."

A Department for Transport spokesperson said: “While there has been a decline in road ca s ualties in recent years, any fatality on our roads is a tragedy. Road safety is a top priority we are committe d to improving through education and updates to the Hig hway Code that will help protect road users, alongsid e our TH INK! Campaign.”