ScotRail reveal the strangest things left behind on the trains

Someone forgot about these two cute kittens (Pic: ScotRail)Someone forgot about these two cute kittens (Pic: ScotRail)
Someone forgot about these two cute kittens (Pic: ScotRail)
The lost property offices are a treasure trove of weird and wonderful items.

There is nothing worse than realising that you have left something behind as soon as the train you just got off leaves the platform.

In the run up to the festive season, ScotRail have reminded travellers that if their Christmas wish is to be reunited with a belonging that they have lost on their commute, they may be in luck as there is a good chance their property will wind up at ScotRail Alliance’s lost property offices.

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The ScotRail team have seen it all and have revealed some of the strangest things that have been left behind on their trains, many of which were left on services between Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Did a stag do get out of hand or did the Village People leave their gear behind? (Pic: ScotRail)Did a stag do get out of hand or did the Village People leave their gear behind? (Pic: ScotRail)
Did a stag do get out of hand or did the Village People leave their gear behind? (Pic: ScotRail)
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Several thousands of pounds worth of season tickets have ended up at the lost property office.

ScotRail said: “We’d really love to know how you got through the barriers without them. This wouldn't happen if you had a smartcard.”

Second on the list is several mobile phones ‘more than we could ever want’ - with a range of models including a retro sliding Samsung number.

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Glasses of all kinds, from sunglasses to varifocals have been lost on ScotRail services, and they recommend that if you are missing a pair to give them a ring first before heading to the opticians for a replacement pair.

Several different sets of car keys were fourth on the list of lost items.

ScotRail added: “As much as we want you to travel by train, we’d also rather you didn’t lose these.”

Several skateboards have been forgotten on trains as well as bikes, prompting the question from train company: “We’re not sure how you can forget a bike. Did you just walk home, clad in lycra, thinking that you might’ve forgotten something?”

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Getting into the stranger side of the lost items list ScotRail’s lost property office have a selection of fancy dress.

From pink shimmery cowboy hats, and glam rock wigs to a pantomime horses head, the staff in the office have a selection to choose from should they take part in dress down Fridays.

ScotRail commented: “We’re not sure if these were left behind when things got messy on a stag do, or if the Village People just forgot their outfits. Either way, quit horsing around and pick them up. Please.”

Both a set of false teeth and a wheelchair have also been left on their services.

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One traveller even left two live kittens on a train to travel by themselves.

“How you could leave these bundles of cuteness behind, we don’t know,” ScotRail said, “But someone did, and we arranged for the SSPCA to take them into their care.”

'Take an extra second to look before you leave'

The list is only a fraction of the hundreds of items handed into lost property every year and those who have lost something are warned that after three months, their lost goods are sent to charity.

If you think that you have lost something on a ScotRail train their lost property office can be contacted on 0330 109 2833.

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A ScotRail spokesperson said: “It’s astonishing that no one has come in to claim some of these items. There’s children’s teddy bears, make up bags, and even shopping bags full of brand new clothes.

“If we find lost property, we do what we can to reunite it with their rightful owner. However, it’s far better not to lose them in the first place. That’s why we encourage customers to take an extra second to look before they leave.”