Sir Chris Hoy takes up '˜bike skiing'

Sir Chris Hoy tries out the 'ski-bike'. Picture: Twitter/@chrishoySir Chris Hoy tries out the 'ski-bike'. Picture: Twitter/@chrishoy
Sir Chris Hoy tries out the 'ski-bike'. Picture: Twitter/@chrishoy
AFTER switching cycling for motor racing, Sir Chris Hoy is back on two wheels again - but now with a ski attached.

In an incredible new video, the six-time Olympic champion is seen travelling across thick snow on a bike with a ski attached to the front wheel.

Earlier this year the six-time Olympic champion announced plans to be the first person to ride across Antarctica, and travelled to Iceland two weeks ago to train.

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In the clip, shared on Twitter on Sunday from Iceland, Sir Chris can be seen riding a fat bike - that is, an off-road bicycle with oversized tyres - with a green ski clipped on to the bottom of his front wheel.

The 9-second clip shows Hoy pumping the pedals against an almost completely white background with snow falling.

His back wheel is seen sliding from side to side, but the front wheel, attached to a green ski, keeps him stable.

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Sir Chris posted the footage on Twitter with the caption: “My first time skiing!”

Twitter users were impressed with the Scots cycling star’s latest exploits.

A user known as S McAvoy wrote: “Wow! So bikes, cars. Is this what comes next? Looks awesome though.”

Another, called @1953TheFlyingScot asked: “Is pedalling the fat bike on the snow as energy sapping as it looks?”

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And Stuart Nelson said: “That looks like hard work! #legsercise.”

Sir Chris told of his plans to cycle to the South Pole when he appeared on motoring show Top Gear earlier this year.

He also explained he was looking for a riding partner to complete the challenge with him.

He said: “It’s a strange and huge challenge.”

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“I’m trying to find somebody stupid enough to do it with me. We’re chatting to a few people.”

Hoy and his team went to Iceland two weeks ago to test out a bike designed to withstand the horrible conditions.