Stunt cyclist MacAskill's tricks earns £750k fortune

Danny MacAskill has earned £750,000. Picture; Steven Scott TaylorDanny MacAskill has earned £750,000. Picture; Steven Scott Taylor
Danny MacAskill has earned £750,000. Picture; Steven Scott Taylor
STUNT cyclist Danny MacAskill's companies have raked in £750,000 from his daredevil tricks, new figures have revealed.

The star street-bike rider’s income is soaring as he travels the world performing for adverts and promotional videos.

Latest accounts for the 30-year-old’s main company DMAC 24 show it had total assets of £587,356, up from £520,297 the previous year.

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After paying off creditors MacAskill, who rose to stardom by posting videos on the internet while working in Edinburgh, made a profit of more than £386,336 last year.

His second firm Drop and Roll Worldwide, which handles income from his touring shows, has assets of £162,469 and made a profit of £72,652.

MacAskill’s earnings have more than doubled in the last two years but the swollen coffers come despite him regularly rejecting big offers.

MacAskill, from the Isle of Skye, said recently: “I’m not motivated by money or fame. The only thing that really excites me is doing stuff with my friends. I’ve never really been a money-driven person.

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“I’ve been offered a lot of money for some projects but if it’s cheesy then it’s not something I want to be part of.”

Earlier this month, Mac-Askill released his latest jaw-dropping video in which he rides his mountain bike over a giant rolling hay bale and through a 6ft-deep puddle.