Tom Gilzean funeral: Edinburgh fundraising hero and 'extraordinary man' will be buried in special tartan casket

The funeral is taking place this afternoon

Edinburgh fundraising hero Tom Gilzean will be buried in a special tartan casket following his funeral at St Mary's Catholic Cathedral​.

Around 300 mourners turned out, some wearing tartan, to St Mary's Catholic Cathedral on Tuesday afternoon to pay their repects to 99-year-old Tom, who passed away in early November.

The war veteran and charity hero had raised over £1million for numerous causes in his lifetime.

The funeral is taking place this afternonn


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Father Jamie McMorrin delivered the homily while Archbishop Leo Cushley also said a few words. Lord Provost Frank Ross and Sir Tom Farmer were both in attendance.

A piper from the Royal Brtish Legion played as mourners entered the Cathedral.

The Archbishop called Tom an 'extraordinary man' during the opening speeched, while also refering to his relentless fundraising on the street sof the Capital by calling him 'an ornament of Edinburgh'.

Son Douglas delievered a speech full of emotion, saying: "To our family he was just a loving dad.


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Tom Gilzean

"He was so passionate about collecting for charities. We used to tell him not to go out in the rain but he did and said it wasn't raining when he went out.

Sir Tom Farmer, speaking outside the Cathedral, said: "I think he was a tremendous example to everybody young and old of what you can achieve by giving up the most precious thing we have - our time for other people."

The funeral procession will start following the service to the sound of a piper before travelling along Princes Street.


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It will stop outside the Marks and Spencers on Princes Street to allow for a moment to pay respects to Tom at one of his favourite collecting spots.

More to follow