'Unbelievable Jeff': Chris Kamara shares hilarious Edinburgh Hogmanay video that was shown around the world

The Soccer Saturday star has shared a video showing a Hogmanay reveller shout his catchphrase.
Chris Kamara has shared a video, sending it viral (Photo: Getty)Chris Kamara has shared a video, sending it viral (Photo: Getty)
Chris Kamara has shared a video, sending it viral (Photo: Getty)

Former footballer and broadcaster Chris Kamara has shared a clip of a New Year's Eve reveller shouting his infamous catchphrase on Twitter, sending it viral.

The clip shows the young man come from behind two women being interviewed on Sky News before shouting "unbelievable Jeff".

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The video has been liked nearly 9,000 times and viewed more than 260,000 times since Kamara shared it on Twitter.

He said: "Sky News from Edinburgh, what did you think of the fireworks" before adding two cry-laughter emojis.

Kamara became a viral celebrity in his own right due to his catchphrase 'unbelievable Jeff', which he coined while on Sky reporting on a game between Portsmouth and Blackburn in 2010.

Speaking to presenter Jeff Stelling, Kamara had missed a red card and admitted his mistake, leaving the studio in fits of laughter and giving birth to a viral video.

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He told the Metro: "It’s great having a catchphrase. It’s great that people have accepted it in the way they have."

Alongside his broadcasting career, Kamara has also tried his hand at a music career.

His Christmas album 'Here's to Christmas', released in December last year, hit eighth in the album ranking, beating out former One Direction star Liam Payne's debut LP1.