David Goodwillie Transfer: Val McDermid ends lifelong support of Raith Rovers and sponsorship over Goodwillie signing

Crime writer Val McDermid has ended her lifelong support of Raith Rovers and her sponsorship of the club.

The move comes after the club signed striker David Goodwillie who was ruled to be a rapist in a civil court case in 2016, although no criminal proceedings were instructed.

In a post on social media, the celebrated author tweeted: “I have this morning ended my lifelong support of Raith Rovers over their signing of the rapist David Goodwillie.

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"I have cancelled next season’s shirt sponsorship over this disgusting and despicable move.

"This shatters any claim to be a community or family club.”

She added: “Goodwillie has never expressed a shred of remorse for the rape he committed.

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"His presence at Starks Park is a stain on the club. I’ll be tearing up my season ticket too.

"This is a heartbreaker for me and many other fans, I know.”

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Pictured in 2015, Val McDermid with former manager Ray McKinnon at the unveiling of a Raith Rovers new strip. Picture: SNS

In a subsequent post she added: “The thought of the rapist David Goodwillie running out on the pitch at Starks Park in a Raith Rovers shirt with my name on it makes me feel physically sick.”

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She branded the move as “a terrible day not just for Raith Rovers but for women who support football. The beautiful game just turned very ugly in Kirkcaldy

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David Goodwillie signs for Raith Rovers despite Val McDermid objections
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Raith Rovers signed striker David Goodwillie from Clyde ahead of the transfer deadline despite objections from high-profile club sponsor Val McDermid.

The 32-year-old’s arrival has been heralded as “crucial to the club’s promotion push" by manager John McGlynn, but was met by anger by McDermid, a former director of the club last night before she announced the cancelling of the sponsorship.

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She said:” Really? Is this the message @RaithRovers want to send?

"I argued strenuously against this when I was a board member.

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“He’s not a role model in any sense. I don’t want him running around with my name on his chest.

"Two criminal convictions [for assault in 2008 and 2012] and a civil finding of rape. That’s pretty guilty in my book".

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Rape Crisis Scotland tweeted their support writing: “This has no doubt been an incredibly difficult decision for Val Mcdermid but it is one we support wholeheartedly.

“When it comes to sexual violence we need zero tolerance”