Video shows moment Edinburgh youth football game abandoned after brawl breaks out between 'parents'

A youth football game had to be called off after a fight broke out between spectators supporting one of the sides.

The Under-14s game between Spartans FC Youth and Edinburgh City Blacks was a South East Region Youth Football Association Division One fixture, and was being played at pitches on Arboretum Road.

But the game had to be called off at half-time after a brawl broke out between two parents on the Edinburgh City side who had been watching the match from behind a pitch-side fence.

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A parent who witnessed the fight said Spartans were leading 2-0 when the brawl erupted between the two men.

He said: “Dozens of parents watching were shocked by the scenes which unfolded at half-time in the game.

“The match had been played in good spirit up to that point.

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“But as the boys came off, a parent who’d been vociferous through the first half started shouting at another Edinburgh City parent, and threw a punch.

“They started kicking and punching each other in the street, in full view of the two groups of players, with other parents and coaches attempting to separate the two. It seemed like a parked car was damaged in the melee.

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A brawl broke out between spectators at an under-14s football match between Spartans and Edinburgh this afternoon.

“With two or three of the Edinburgh City players visibly distressed, the referee had no choice but to call the game off at half-time.”

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The parent said it was the worst incident he had ever seen at a youth football game.

He said: “My son was shocked at what he’d seen. It’s the worst I’ve seen at a youth match, and has no place in the game. The guy who started it shouldn’t be allowed near a game again. The sad thing is, it’ll be his son who suffers.”

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He added: “The kids of these people must be horrified.”

No Spartans club members were involved in the fight.

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A spokesperson said: “As a club we take a firm view of any antisocial and unacceptable behaviour at what is children’s football. We also hold our parents, players and coaches to our codes of conduct and highest standard of conduct at all times

“We can confirm that no one connected with Spartans was involved in the incident, aside from trying to help defuse the situation.

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“We are shocked that families and children, from both teams had to witness such anti social and unacceptable behaviour at a youth football game. The game itself was played in a fantastic spirit, and understandably many of the players were upset at what they saw, meaning there was no option but to end the game.”

It is understood the incident has not been reported to police.