Watch as Edinburgh man hoovers his fake lawn in hilarious lockdown video

One Edinburgh dad's ingenious way of keeping busy during the coronavirus lockdown has delighted thousands on social media after his son shared a video of his bizarre antics on Twitter.

Bradley Reid hilariously caught the moment dad Martin gave the artificial grass outside Liberton home a good going-over - with a hoover.

The 25-year-old, who is a coach at Leith Athletic, said his dad, 51, had been looking for something else to kill time, having already been out of the house for his government-sanctioned one form of exercise for the day.

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In the clip shared on Twitter, an astonished Bradley shouts down to Martin from his bedroom window and asks: "Ho, are you hoovering the grass!?"

Edinburgh man Martin Reid hoovers his lawnEdinburgh man Martin Reid hoovers his lawn
Edinburgh man Martin Reid hoovers his lawn

With impeccable comic timing, his dad replies: "Aye....obviously!"

Bradley told the Evening News: "I first saw him in the kitchen with the hoover and watched him open the back door. I thought surely he’s not going to do what I think he is going to do. So I went upstairs and I checked out of the bedroom window, and by the time I’d got upstairs he was out on the astroturf hoovering it.

"I just thought what a weirdo - surely that’s not normal?

"My pals have all thought it’s hilarious, and my dad came home from his work today saying he’s had three people message him to ask if he’ll hoover their back garden.. he’s available for hire!"