West Lothian cat owner catches incredible moment tiny mouse fends off cat named Tom

A photographer captured a real-life Tom and Jerry battle as a tiny rodent survives an epic encounter against its feline tormentor - called Tom.

Sunday, 2nd June 2019, 12:06 pm
A cat owner photographed a real life moment of Tom and Jerry as a brave mouse took on a playful moggy. Picture: Gordon McBrearty/SWNS

The extraordinary pictures, taken by Gordon McBrearty, 55, show his pet tabby Tom toying with the tiny mouse in his garden.

The pair faced a lengthy 15 minute standoff as the intrepid mouse squared up to the tabby in an unbelievable face-off.

The curious cat seemed to forget the pair are supposed to be sworn enemies as she sat back and watched the mouse stand on its hind legs to clean its whiskers.

Picture: Gordon McBrearty/SWNS

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At one point the mouse even appears to jump up and down in a bid to scare the cat away.

During the set-to Tom, a two-year-old female, picked up the feisty rodent in its jaws before dropping it - as the relieved creature escaped and ran off.

Gordon, from Uphall, West Lothian, watched the brave standoff from his kitchen window and couldn't believe it when the mouse survived the encounter.

He said: "It was in the morning I was in the kitchen and looked out and could see the mouse was still alive.

Picture: Gordon McBrearty/SWNS

"I photographed it over a period of ten to 15 minutes.

"The mouse escaped into a woodpile then my wife saw the mouse again, hiding under a plant pot.

"We heard a magpie making a hell of a racket, it must've been wanting a piece of the action."

"Tom would walk over to me almost showing off and as the mouse tried to run away, she would run over and jump on it.

Picture: Gordon McBrearty/SWNS

"Every now and again the wee mouse would sit up on its hind legs and clean its whiskers.

"It's the type of thing a lot of people see but rarely photograph.

"With the light it worked incredibly well."

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Picture: Gordon McBrearty/SWNS
Picture: Gordon McBrearty/SWNS