West Lothian woman with dementia spent 90th birthday alone while PM and pals attended BYOB party

The daughter of a West Lothian woman who spent her 90th birthday alone due to covid restrictions has called on Boris Johnson to resign over the Downing Street BYOB party.
Cristina and her daughter Fiona RobertsonCristina and her daughter Fiona Robertson
Cristina and her daughter Fiona Robertson

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Cristina McKay, who has dementia, watched through the window as her family sat outside her house on her 90th birthday – and couldn’t even get a shower because her carers couldn’t handle her to help her upstairs.

At the time covid rules meant the public could only meet one other person outside.

Cristina McKay spent her 90th alone due to covid restrictionsCristina McKay spent her 90th alone due to covid restrictions
Cristina McKay spent her 90th alone due to covid restrictions

Meanwhile, the PM and staff attended a ‘bring your own booze’ garden party at Downing Street.

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It comes after an email emerged showing Mr Johnson’s principal private secretary had invited more than 100 Downing Street staff to an evening gathering on May 20, 2020, sparking widespread anger across the country,

Cristina’s daughter Fiona Robertson said: "I remember mum went into hospital that month and I wasn’t allowed to visit. It was her 90 birthday just before then. We had to sit outside

her house and wave through the window. We did all we could to keep her safe. But we knew being isolated had a big impact on her.

"We had to make the difficult decision to put her into a care home. We couldn’t even go in and look around or meet the staff. After she went in she had to isolate in her room for two

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weeks. The impact of covid at the end of her life is still ongoing. She is recovering after recently getting covid in the care home.

"It’s sickening what Boris did – criminal. He is trying to sweep it under the rug but public rage is building. They all need to answer for their actions. It’s time for Boris to resign.”

Multiple reports, including from Mr Johnson’s former adviser Dominic Cummings, have suggested the PM attended the party with his wife Carrie.

While dozens socialised at the rule-breaking gathering, Alistair Henderson, 58, was forced to postpone the wedding to love of his life, Karen Hilton as she fought secondary breast cancer.

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Karen, from Dalkeith, fronted a campaign calling on the Scottish Government not to “forget” the needs of patients during the pandemic. Tributes were paid to Karen, described as “a beacon of light” after she lost her cancer battle last year.

The couple finally tied the knot in their garden in July 2020.

Mr Henderson said: “We strictly followed all guidance though it seriously affected Karen’s last months. It was sad that we couldn’t do many things she wanted to do. Our wedding had to be pushed back. We planned to marry in April, then postponed to June, before having to put it off again as a result of coronavirus restrictions.

"Karen couldn’t go to the garden party in Holyrood she was invited to for her charity work. At her funeral we could only have 14. She was so well loved, we could have filled that church twice over. We only had a handful of people at the cemetery and we couldn’t have the after party that she had wanted. I never got to give her the send off she deserved. It’s beyond disappointing.

"It’s not right what Boris and colleagues did. It’s out of order but doesn’t surprise me, He wouldn’t consider that the rules apply to him.”