Polar bear Cairn activists win protest appeal

GREENPEACE activists have won a court victory over the occupation by “polar bears” of the Edinburgh offices of a firm involved in Arctic oil exploration.

Cairn Energy wanted a judge to grant a permanent order against Greenpeace International (GPI), banning it from involvement in further protests at the offices in Lothian Road.

To make the order, Lord Glennie had to be satisfied that GPI, the organisation’s international co-ordination hub based in the Netherlands, had been behind the events of 18 July, 2011, when around 40 activists, some dressed as polar bears, invaded and ransacked the offices searching for Cairn’s “oil spill response plan.”

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However, he ruled that Greenpeace’s UK “branch” was responsible, and that no order should be issued against GPI.

Previously, Greenpeace UK had an interim interdict made against it, and avoided facing action for a permanent interdict by giving a formal undertaking to the court which remains in force.