Edinburgh council elections 2022: ward-by-ward analysis: Sighthill/Gorgie

Ward 7: SIghthill/Gorgie

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Ashley Graczyk topped the poll for the Tories here in 2017 – the first time the party had won a seat in this four-member ward. But less than 18 months later, Cllr Graczyk quit the Tories to sit as an independent. She is standing again, but independents always face an uphill battle.

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The new Tory candidate is Mark Hooley, manager of a bookie's shop.

Labour had two councillors here – Eric Milligan and Donald Wilson – until last time when Cllr Milligan stood down and the party's second candidate failed to get elected, leaving Cllr Wilson on his own. Now he is bowing out too and the party is fielding only one candidate, Ross McKenzie, who works as a staff nurse.

After winning two seats here in 2012, the SNP put up three candidates last time, but had to settle for holding onto the two – Cathy Fullerton and Denis Dixon – who are both standing again this time.

The Greens have high hopes of making a gain here. Their candidate Dan Heap stood last time as well and was just 133 votes short of beating the SNP's Cllr Dixon for the fourth seat.

The Lib Dems, who won a seat here in 2007, are fielding Devin Scobie, who was councillor for Marchmont 1992-96.

Ashley Graczyk topped the poll for the Tories last time but is now standing as an independent.

And Alex Salmond’s Alba party is standing David Henry, who previously campaigned for the SNP.

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The ward stretches from Haymarket station to the City Bypass, taking in Dalry, Gorgie, Stenhouse, Saughton, Broomhouse, Longstone and Sighthill.

2017: SNP 40.2 per cent; Labour 21.6; Conservatives 19.1 per cent; Greens 14.9 per cent; Lib Dems 3.9 per cent.

Current councillors: Ashley Graczyk (Ind), Cathy Fullerton (SNP), Donald Wilson (Lab), Denis Dixon (SNP).

Electorate 23,674

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DIXON, Denis – Scottish National Party (SNP)

FULLERTON, Catherine – Scottish National Party (SNP)

GRACZYK, Ashley – Independent

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HEAP, Dan – Scottish Green Party

HENRY, David – Alba Party for independence

HOOLEY, Mark – Scottish Conservative and Unionist

MCKENZIE, Ross – Scottish Labour Party

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SCOBIE, Devin – Scottish Liberal Democrats

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