Edinburgh pensioner ‘fed up’ with council flat leaking 'every time it rains' for last 18 years

Eleanor Hadley says she has had enough.

Sunday, 15th December 2019, 4:00 pm
Eleanor Hadley.

A pensioner in South Gyle is ‘fed up’ with her council flat as she says it has been leaking water every time it rains for almost two decades.

Eleanor Hadley, 77, claims her flat has been letting in water ever since she moved in 18 years ago.

“It’s just a nightmare, I’m so fed up with it,” she said.

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“It started leaking 18 years ago and I’ve been complaining to the council since then.”

Water comes into the flat through the back door whenever there is heavy rain, complained Ms Hadley, a retired domestic worker.

“There’s always been a fault with the door, ever since I moved into the flat,” she added.

Ms Hadley has repeatedly complained to the council, and has had the door changed three times since she has been in the flat.

Most recently the back door and windows were replaced in May this year.

However, the change failed to stop water getting in.

“I have to put down newspapers, I put down mats, and a big bath towel as well to soak up the water,” said Ms Hadley.

“Now it’s getting worse and it’s going towards the wiring of the TV, and who knows what will happen if it gets to it.”

'It's worse than ever now'

When Ms Hadley first moved in the flooding was not as noticeable.

“At first it started off with just a puddle but now it just goes on and on,” she said.

“It’s got to the stage that I have to change the newspapers around the door every day when there has been recent rain.”

After the door was changed in May Ms Hadley hoped the problem would be resolved.

But she was dismayed to see that the leak began again in September this year, just four months later.

When she complained again the council sent someone to change the seal on the door.

But this change, too, proved ineffective.

“A guy came round to change the seal on the door,” she said.

“He took the whole door off to change the seal to black rubber but now it’s much worse than it was before.”

“It’s worse than ever now, and it just keeps getting worse,” she said.

Ms Hadley has also complained to her local MSP, Liberal Democrat Robert Aldridge of Drum Brae / Gyle ward, in the hope that he will be able to move her case forward.

A Council spokesperson said: “We appreciate that this has been distressing for our tenant.

“We’ve tried hard to resolve the leaks and the doors and windows were replaced earlier this year.

“We weren’t made aware of the current issue with the door and we’ll make sure we contact the tenant to resolve this as quickly as possible.”