'Drivers are victimised once again': Readers react to all day, all week bus lane proposals

A Edinburgh City Council consultation has opened today on plans to extend bus lane hours.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 11:45 am

Evening News readers had mixed responses to the proposals for 7am to 7pm, seven days a week bus lanes in the Capital.

The plans are part of a council consultation into when bus lanes should be open to general traffic other than buses.

However, several readers reacted with anger at the suggestion they could be forced out of the lanes during off-peak hours.

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Readers reacted to proposals to extend bus lane hours.

'They need policed'

Claire Eadie said the changes should not go ahead. She said: "Peak hours are fine, especially in suburban areas, having the restrictions all day cause more congestion and frustration when the lane is sitting empty."

Maggie Lumsden added that she felt the council were targeting car drivers. She said: "Drivers are victimised once again. Having to sit in queues while the bus lane is empty. Just like the old Forth bridge that we still pay for."

Jaime Neal added: "Morning and evening only. They need policed so cameras should be put in all bus lanes."

Readers reacted to proposals to extend bus lane hours.

On Twitter, Tony Shaw said: "Madness, absolute madness. The council have caused all the traffic congestion over the years total muppets."

Robert Inglis added: "Instead of all the money that got spent on reducing the speed limit & trying to force people onto smelly buses - how about some investment on our roads?

"Bypass and every route into Edinburgh at a standstill every morning. Happy to chuck up new houses but what about some new roads?"

Drivers 'upset that they are limited in their ability to clog up the roads'

However, Rab Queen, who said he works as a bus driver in the city said the move would stop people using the bus lanes and causing congestion and delays.

He said: "This is only being introduced because of road users who ignore bus lane times. Ever been stuck at Jenners or Waverley Bridge. This is mostly down to people ignoring the yellow box junction rule coming from St Andrew Square.

"The worst/busiest day of the week is a Sunday as vehicles can park just about anywhere."

Colin Brown added: "Most comments seem to be from aggrieved drivers, upset that they are limited in their ability to clog up the roads. For this to be a liveable city we need a much clearer hierarchy of needs, with pedestrians, non-polluting users and mass transit in the preferred category, and private vehicles at the end of the list.

"Extensive park and ride facilities, and special arrangements for disabled citizens. I know it can never be ideal, but the hegemony of the single occupant car has to end - it's debilitating for the city."