Edinburgh Council Elections 2022: Voting underway as polling stations open across the Capital

Voting is underway across Edinburgh as residents in the Capital get to choose the city's 63 councillors for the next five years.

Polling stations opened at 7am and close at 10pm. A record 143 candidates are standing in the 17 multi-member wards across the city.

You can read about the candidates and prospects where you live in our ward-by-ward analysis here.

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Voting is by numbers rather than an X. Voters should rank the candidates in order by marking 1, 2, 3, etc against their names on the ballot paper. People can vote for as many or as few candidates as they wish.

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A quota of votes is calculated, based on the total number of votes cast in that ward and the number of candidates taking part, and any candidates who reach the quota when first preferences are counted are declared elected.

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Further successive rounds of counting then take place, redistributing surplus votes from the successful candidates and also eliminating those with the lowest number of votes and reallocating their votes according voters' second and subsequent preferences.

This process continues until all the seats in the ward are filled.

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Polling stations are now open.

Counting will take place on Friday at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, using counting machines.