Edinburgh project director targeted in racist online attack

JUSTICE Secretary Humza Yousaf is among a host of Twitter users to give their backing to Edinburgh’s city centre transformation project director after she targeted in racist attacks on Twitter.

Saturday, 6th July 2019, 10:14 am
Daisy Narayanan
Daisy Narayanan

Daisy Narayanan is in charge of the ten-year project which aims to overhaul the way people move around the Capital and treat cars as “guests” in a “pedestrian priority zone”.

But in a tweet from the @graeme1101 account, she was labelled an “Indian Daisy” and refers to her as “It or she”.

In a second tweet the user then complained that she had blocked him.

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Mr Duffy’s rant compared Ms Narayanan to former transport convener David Begg: “Folks, you are paying Indian Daisy’s wages. It or she wants to close roads you need to use. It or she hides away, and no wonder. Remember Begg? We now have a council tax paid for Indian Begg.” 
Ms Narayanan highlighted the offensive tweets on her own Twitter page, saying: “Grateful to a good friend who sent me this last evening. I was really upset but have woken up with my perspective & sense of humour restored. But relentless cruel words, casual racism and misogyny do have an impact & I have decided to call this one out.” She added: “I am not a person who enjoys conflict and confrontation. The past year has taught me resilience in dealing with some toxic discourse and finding the strength in myself, friends and my loved ones.

“Hats off to all those in real public roles who put up with a lot more than this. Also to those who work in the background in the public sector who can’t respond/retort and have to absorb this kind of vitriol. “

Mr Yousaf - who has suffered regular racist and Islamophobic abuse on social media - tweeted his support for Ms Narayanan.

He wrote: “Daisy, I have a huge amount of admiration for all work you do, I often appreciated your wise counsel as Transport Minister - I know many of my fellow MSPs from across the Chamber also respect you. Do not let this racist, misogynist parasite dampen your spirit, he speaks for no-one.”

And there was cross-party condemnation of the attacks.

Tory councillor Nick Cook called Mr Duffy’s messages “Appalling and totally needless tweets”.

Green Gavin Corbett tweeted: “You are doing a great job Daisy. I hear that view widely.”

Lib Dem Hal Osler posted: “ It saddens me that u have been on the receiving end of such abuse that is totally unacceptable & frankly shameful.”

And Labour’s Scott Arthur said: “We need more like you Daisy.”