FMQs RECAP Nicola Sturgeon to face MSPs

Nicola Sturgeon is to face MSPs in FMQs.
Nicola Sturgeon will face MSPs in FMQsNicola Sturgeon will face MSPs in FMQs
Nicola Sturgeon will face MSPs in FMQs

The First Minister will face opposition leaders and MSPs in the Scottish Parliament amid ongoing Covid restrictions and more.

You can follow live updates in our live blog.

FMQs LIVE: Nicola Sturgeon to face MSPs

Anas Sarwar says that the Scottish Government has sold potential green energy on the cheap and to benefit others outwith Scotland.

He questions auction of seabed plots for major offshore wind projects around the Scottish coast. He says “This SNP government have sold on the cheap the right to profit from Scotland’s energy transition to multinational companies with questionable human rights records.”

Nicola Sturgeon reiterates that this is an exciting development for Scotland and should be treated as such. She adds Sweden is “also an independent country with sole control over energy”.

Anas Sarwar also hits out at the calls for Scotland to have its publicly owned own energy company and says that the SNP have failed to deliver their promise. He hits out at the human rights abuses, fraud and bribery associated with the companies

Mr Sarwar says the Scottish government doesn’t understand economic development.

“Scottish bridges, built with Chinese steel.

“Scottish windfarms, with turbines built in Indonesia.

“Scottish ferries, built in Poland and Turkey.

“And now Scotland’s sea bed owned by foreign multi-nationals.”

Ms Sturgeon accuses Mr Sarwar of having “a brass neck” to accuse her of “behaving like a Tory”.

Sturgeon adds: “There is now so little difference between Labour and the Tories that their MPs are just interchangeable.”

Emma Harper quizzes the FM on what action is being taken to make dog owners aware of new rules around walking their dog near livestock.

The FM congratulates the SNP MSP on her bill and says messaging will be appropriate.

Beatrice Wishart asks about reports that the BBC Licence fee will be cut and the future of the BBC.

Nicola Sturgeon says she is extremely worried and that they must stand up to protect such institutions. She suggests that reports around the BBC were leaked to distract from Boris Johnson’s troubles in Westminster.

Neil Bibby asks about the cutting of ScotRail services and the closure of ticket desks.

He calls for a more accessible and attractive rail network and calls for ticket office closures to be reversed.

The FM says that she agrees with importance of ticket office staff but that it is right to consult.

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