General Election 2019: Ian Murray puts blame on Jeremy Corbyn for Labour's expected bad night

An under-pressure Edinburgh MP has hit out at his party's UK leader - with Labour set to lose 71 seats
Edinburgh South Labour MP Ian MurrayEdinburgh South Labour MP Ian Murray
Edinburgh South Labour MP Ian Murray

Edinburgh South MP Ian Murray has blasted Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn – with his 15,500 seat expected to be hanging on a knife-edge.

Mr Murray, who has held the Edinburgh South seat since 2010, has pointed the finger for Labour’s projected bad night on the party’s UK leader.

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Taking to Twitter, he said: “Every door I knocked on, and my team and I spoke to 11,000 people, mentioned Corbyn.

“Not Brexit but Corbyn. I’ve been saying this for years. The outcome is that we’ve let the country down and we must change course and fast.”

In the exit poll, Labour is expected to win only 191 seats – while the SNP are predicted to return 55 out of Scotland’s 59 MPs. The exit poll predicts that Edinburgh South SNP candidate Catriona MacDonald has a 47 per cent chance of snatching the seat from Mr Murray, who reportedly has a 53 per cent chance of being returned to Westminster.

Mr Murray said his party has helped to deliver "the worst Conservative prime minister in history".

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He said: "I feel sorry for constituents up and down the country, in all four corners of the country that need a Labour government - they've been badly let down by the Labour party.

"We've delivered a hard-right Conservative government with the worst Conservative prime minister in history and I think we should all reflect on that."

He added his party should "wait and see" to see the full result before deciding whether Jeremy Corbyn should stand down as leader.