Helen Martin: Council isn't listening: We don't want tram extension

JUDGING by the negative response of News readers online to the extension of the tram system, all the hardship it will cause and the added horror of exhuming 200 bodies from a Leith graveyard, it seems screamingly obvious that the public don't want it to go ahead.

Monday, 12th March 2018, 6:00 am
Plans to extend the tram lines may require the exhumation of 200 bodies from a graveyard in Leith

Unfortunately, the city council tends to work under the delusion that it always knows better than the public (whose money it throws around with abandon while neglecting more serious needs).

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Actually, it really doesn’t matter whether they are right or not.

As elected representatives, it’s their job to listen to the people. But with another four years before the next council elections, they’ll do as they wish. And of course, we’ll be deeper and deeper in debt.

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Bodies may have to be exhumed to make way for Edinburgh trams