Ian Murray: Scotland's only Labour MP considering UK deputy leadership bid

Scottish Labour’s last remaining MP has confirmed he is considering running for the UK deputy leadership, writing to colleagues to say Labour’s revival must “run through Scotland”.

Monday, 23rd December 2019, 1:55 pm
Updated Monday, 23rd December 2019, 2:19 pm
Ian Murray, Edinburgh South MP. Picture: PA

Ian Murray said he was “exploring the possibilities” of running after being contacted by “a number of colleagues” who have urged him to stand.

The Edinburgh South MP called for Labour to finally set up a constitutional convention promised since the 2014 independence referendum, and said the party must fight “English nationalism from the Tories and Scottish nationalism from the SNP”.

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Ian Murray touted for deputy Labour leadership to help party in Scotland

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“How we all felt on Friday 13th should never happen again… I am determined to ensure it is the Tories who are moving out of their offices after the next election, but that is going to be a significant undertaking.”

Mr Murray added: “The Labour Party can only ever win again when it speaks to the whole of the country, and Scotland plays a key part in that.

“It has many of the same political problems that are now spreading to our former Labour heartlands and the so called ‘red wall’.

“The road to a Labour Government always had to run through Scotland. That is still true, but it now also has to run through the North-East and large parts of where we used to be strong in England and Wales.”