It's time for £1.5k expenses claim councillor to walk

Our exposé of the outrageous expenses claims of councillor Lezley Cameron has sparked understandable anger.

Friday, 27th September 2019, 6:53 pm
Councillor Lezley Cameron

The £1500 she billed the public purse for might pale into insignificance compared to the £150 million in cuts that the local authority faces having to make, but there is a point of principle here. Cllr Cameron is the city’s vice convener of finance and resources which means she has a key role in overseeing how our money is being spent.

She above almost anyone should understand how important it is to make sure every penny counts. The alternative is even greater suffering for frail and vulnerable people relying on struggling social care services, fewer opportunities for our school kids and shoddy sports facilities.

The Labour councillor says she understands this. In fact she publicly warned her colleagues about exactly this just this week. Her actions show, however, that she does not really understand.

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Supposedly being ‘busy’ is no justification for one councillor claiming a quarter of the entire taxi bill run up by our city councillors.

Despite what some believe, the vast majority of politicians I meet are sincere people who want to do a good job. Cllr Cameron might not be a bad person, but her actions damage the reputation of all her colleagues.

She should quit.