Midlothian MSP attacks Scottish Tories for backing Universal Credit cut

Following the Scottish Parliament’s vote to support cancelling the UK Government’s planned £20 cut to Universal Credit, local MSP Colin Beattie attacked the Scottish Tories for backing the cut.

By Kevin Quinn
Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 2:35 pm
Updated Wednesday, 29th September 2021, 2:36 pm
Midlothian North MSP Colin Beattie (SNP).
Midlothian North MSP Colin Beattie (SNP).

The Midlothian North SNP MSP said: “Today the Scottish Parliament overwhelmingly spoke and demanded the Tory UK Government halts their plans to scrap the uplift to Universal Credit. Sadly, we also witnessed every single Tory MSP failing to stand up to their Westminster bosses in opposing the £20 a week cut – the biggest welfare cut since the 1930s.

“I was proud to stand up for the 7297 households across Midlothian and send a strong message to the Tories at Westminster that we reject its plans to rip more than £1,000 a year out of the hands of the most vulnerable at a time when they need it most.

“I am quite frankly shocked, but not surprised, that the Scottish Tory MSPs not only voted to back the Universal Credit cut which will condemn thousands of families to poverty, but actively defended it – the ‘Nasty Party’ is well and truly back.

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“History will remember them for this - Scottish Tory MSPs are letting down thousands of families and children by supporting this callous cut in favour of propping up their Tory chums in the UK government who are imposing these policies on the people of Scotland.

“This demonstrates once again how the people of Scotland cannot afford to continue to suffer under Westminster control. We need to have the option of choosing a different path in a referendum which can give us the full powers of independence where we can build a fairer Scotland.”

Responding to Mr Beattie’s comments, Lothian List MSP Jeremy Balfour said: “The Scottish Conservatives are fully committed to helping those who need it in Midlothian and across Scotland. Lobbying from us to the Chancellor ensured that this vital uplift in Universal Credit was extended for six months during the height of the pandemic.

“As restrictions have eased, and we continue on our road to recovery, it is vital that we look at getting more people back to work in Midlothian. We must look at the money that has been spent on an extraordinary scale during the pandemic.

“The SNP talk a good game on welfare but the reality is far different. They have handed many welfare powers back to Westminster.

“They used this debate to score political points, rather than coming up with solutions to help those most in need. If they were truly serious about using the devolved powers of the Scottish Parliament, they would double the Scottish Child Payment as a matter of urgency.”