Morrice wants less secrecy over Westminster lobbyists

livingston Labour MP Graeme Morrice has backed renewed calls for the urgent introduction of a statutory register of lobbyists.

The UK Government last week published a consultation paper on lobbying, which campaigners claimed was fundamentally flawed.

Lobbyists would not have to declare which areas of policy they are hoping to influence or how much they are being paid.

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Mr Morrice MP said: “Lobbying is a healthy and necessary part of democracy, but the system is out of control.

“Many big lobbying companies have an undue influence and access to senior politicians, their advisers and civil servants. They are part of a closed circle that is reserved for those who can afford to pay for influence.

“This is unacceptable and the lack of transparency means that my constituents are unable to find out how these lobbyists seek to exert influence.”