MP's call for more safe areas for women

Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine.Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine.
Liberal Democrat MP Christine Jardine.
Local MP Christine Jardine presented a Bill to the House of Commons on International Women’s Day on Tuesday that would increase consideration to remove gender bias from urban planning.

The Planning (Women’s Safety) Bill would require an assessment of the impact on women’s safety to be published as a condition of planning approval for major developments, covering well-lit walkways and safe routes from public transport hubs.

Ms Jardine (Lib Dems) said: “We need to go back to basics and take the necessary steps to protect women. For far too long women have been excluded from the process.

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“This Bill would provide women with the foundations they need to feel less vulnerable in their daily lives. Such issues as well-lit and open areas are paramount to designing spaces without a gender bias.”

She added: “This is all about enabling women to plan and go about their lives with safety and security. Women should be confident in knowing that their concerns have been considered so that they feel safer in living their lives.

“I hope the Government will support this Bill and support this campaign to future proof women’s safety.”