Overflowing bins force elderly residents into path of traffic

OVERFLOWING bins and dumped rubbish are forcing vulnerable pensioners off the pavement and onto a busy road, residents have claimed.

By The Newsroom
Saturday, 10th September 2016, 9:37 am
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 3:24 pm
Michael Bain near his house in Restalrig Circus. The bins are overflowing and his wife cant get her wheelchair past them on the pavement.
Michael Bain near his house in Restalrig Circus. The bins are overflowing and his wife cant get her wheelchair past them on the pavement.

Michael Bain, 70, who lives on Restalrig Circus, said he had complained “at least half a dozen” times to the council about bins and litter blocking the pavement on his street.

He said his wheelchair-bound wife Elizabeth, 65, was often forced onto the road to get past – with the area also plagued by repeated fly-tipping.

He added: “It’s dangerous because you have to go onto the road. It’s right on the bend as the cars come round.

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“And it’s not just us – there’s parents with their pushchairs trying to get past.

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The Evening News backs Capital clean up with Bin Watch campaign

“These cars come whipping round Restalrig Crescent into the Circus, and they don’t expect to see a wheelchair on the road.

“I pay my taxes. I’m entitled to use the pavement. And because the bins are overflowing, people just dump bags on the floor. These so-called environmental wardens – I’ve never laid eyes on them.

“Suppose we all did that – dumped all our bins outside and just left them. Nobody would be able to move and the place would be stinking.”

Mr Bain, whose wife suffered a devastating stroke 18 years ago, said he had asked his neighbours to take better care of the bins but had been ignored.

And he insisted council bin men refused to empty them on a regular basis because they were stuffed full of the wrong types of waste.

He said: “There must be some kind of by-law where [the council] have to remove the bins.

“Surely something should be done. They should make these people remove them and put them in the back, like we all do.”

City bosses said they would take action to identify those responsible for fly-tipping on the road and “contaminating the bins”.

And Councillor Lesley Hinds, the city’s environment leader, told the Evening News that Mr Bain’s complaints were being taken seriously.

She said: “We all want Edinburgh to be clean and it is disappointing to hear about this.

“We are aware of persistent fly-tipping problems in this area and have regularly taken action to remove this waste.

“It is clear from the information provided from this resident that we need to take further action on this including identifying those responsible for fly-tipping and contaminating the bins.

“I would like to thank the resident for bringing this to our attention and reassure them that we are taking the matter seriously.”

The Evening News is currently appealing for your help to crack down on Edinburgh’s growing litter problem.

Our Bin Watch campaign seeks to name and shame problem hotspots across the Capital – from overflowing bins to rubbish-strewn roads and vermin-infested closes.

Council bosses have already vowed to act on any cases we highlight, but if our campaign is to have any impact we need your photos and examples.

Send us your pictures using Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively, contact 0131-311 7538 or email [email protected]