Scottish Independence: Nicola Sturgeon would consider stepping down if Scotland rejects independence in a future referendum

Nicola Sturgeon has said she would consider moving aside if Scotland was to reject independence in a future referendum.

Wednesday, 20th April 2022, 2:29 pm

The First Minister, who it has been reported, has held top level meetings with civil servants about the SNP’s blueprint to leave the UK, said she would consider leaving her role if Scotland voted to remain in the Union.

Asked on STV’s Loose Women about the prospect of life after politics and independence, Nicola Sturgeon said she was confident that Scotland would choose an independent future if the vote was held.

She said: “I suppose for anyone in a position like mine, and for the Scottish journalists watching, I am not suggesting I am about to be First Minister, but I suppose part of what you think about is having a more private life at some stage, if not a quieter life.

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Nicola Sturgeon has said she could step aside as Scotland’s First Minister if her party loses another independence referendum.

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Scottish independence: Nicola Sturgeon held top level meeting on SNP plan for in...

When asked how long she believes she will remain in politics, the First Minister responded saying: “There are loads of journalists watching right now who are desperate for me to give the answer to that question.

“I got re-elected last year, so I have four years of this term remaining. I will continue to do the job for as long as I feel I am the right person to do the job, and more importantly, as long as the people of Scotland think I am the best person to do the job.

Asked whether or not she has changed in the role, the First Minister said: “I think I know myself better. Being in a position of power doesn’t change you, it reveals you, so I think you understand yourself and learn a lot about yourself. That has been particularly true in the two years of the pandemic.

Panellist Carol McGiffin asked the First Minister if she would quit if Scotland was to lose the next independence referendum.

Sturgeon responded saying: “I think when Scotland next votes on independence, we will vote yes.”

When asked if Scotland voted to remain in the Union would she give up, the First Minister said: “I suspect I would make way for someone else, but I am not contemplating that at the moment.

“I am in the fortunate position of being in politics for a long time. I am not about to give it up, but when I do, hopefully I will still be relatively young and I look forward to the possibility of doing other things later in life.”

Nicola Sturgeon said at the weekend in an interview with Scotland on Sunday she still wants to hold a second referendum on leaving the UK next year.

She said: "I accept, I've always accepted that to win a referendum, which is actually the important thing, I've got to persuade a majority of people that independence is the right thing for Scotland. That's what I am planning to do."

She added that Indyref2 legislation will be published "in due course" and that “plans are underway but I will confirm that when we have got to that point."