Susan Dalgety: The bus that tells the truth about Brexit

At the risk of upsetting my friends and family who voted to leave the European Union, I am going to shout loudly, again, about the madness that is Brexit.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 20th February 2018, 6:00 am
The infamous pledge on the pro-Brexit campaign bus (Picture: Getty Images)
The infamous pledge on the pro-Brexit campaign bus (Picture: Getty Images)

I know that I am shouting into the wind. There is not going to be a second referendum, much as I would love us to change our mind and stay in Europe.

I don’t want a second indyref either, because if push came to shove, and I had to choose between remaining in the UK, or the chance of a separate Scotland joining the EU at some point, I would vote to stay British.

But Brexit is nuts. Remember Boris Johnson’s famous bus that proclaimed we would have an extra £350 million a week to spend on the NHS if we voted to leave? Yes, that lying bus.

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Well, there is another bus on its way to Edinburgh’s High Street this weekend, only this one has the facts painted on its side, and they make chilling reading.

This big red bus, hosted by the European Movement in Scotland, says that Brexit will cost £2 billion (£2,000 million) a week – and these are the government’s official figures, not a sum made up by Boris.

Think of the houses that money would build, the social care it would support, the schools and colleges it would fund.

Think of the jobs and investment we are going to lose, so that Nigel Farage and others can “take back control”. Then weep, or better still, hop on the big red bus on Saturday.

We may not get a second referendum, but we can still campaign to stay in the single market and protect our economy, and our grand-children’s future.