Susan Dalgety: Why sisters should embrace the menopause

I am sure glamourous TV presenter Andrea McLean meant well when she suggested that menopausal woman should wear badges marked with a big '˜M' while travelling on public transport.

Tuesday, 20th March 2018, 6:00 am
Andrea McLean suggested menopausal women should wear badges

The pins would help other passengers understand why a woman, suffering a hot flush, felt the need to open a bus window, even in the depths of winter, explained Ms McLean.

For those of you too young to understand, the menopause is a pretty miserable time in a woman’s life. We are overwhelmed by feelings of murderous rage, or the deepest despair. Often at the same time. And we don’t mind sharing our emotions.

Our skin begins to sag. Our bellies swell. A packet of dark chocolate gingers has far more allure than any silver fox. Yes, even the sight of George Clooney on the telly leaves us cold.

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And the hot flushes. Oh, the hot flushes. When your body temperature suddenly rises, your face goes red, your heart races and sweat pours down your back … and elsewhere. Those hot flushes.

They can happen at any time. In a meeting, at the supermarket check-out, in the middle of the night. Or on a packed 26 bus during rush hour.

But, Ms McLean, there is no need for a menopausal woman to wear a badge. Our faces are etched with the misery of the menopause, from our crow’s feet to our beetroot complexion.

And frankly, we do not care if we upset other passengers when we open the bus window for some fresh air. Because there is one menopausal symptom that makes up for all the others.

When a woman reaches a certain age, she suddenly loses the ability to give a f…fig what anyone else thinks. The menopause is women’s liberation. Embrace it sisters.