Proposals for the May council elections by the Edinburgh Labour group include:

n A tourist tax where every penny raised would go towards “ensuring Edinburgh’s festivals and events remain world class”

n Increase the amount of goods and services the council buys from local suppliers

n Make schools a base for social not-for-profit business

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n Set up a “special antisocial behaviour unit” to target hardcore offenders

n Give sports clubs a role in managing the pitches and pavilions they use

n Use council property to generate green electricity

n Press the Scottish Government to hold an urgent inquiry into what went wrong with the tram project

n Set up a council “budget committee” to make the budget process more open and transparent

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n Give parent councils the right to nominate a member of the city’s education committee

n Devolve more responsibility to school headteachers

n Investigate the option of a “childcare co-operative” to help parents access affordable childcare

n Introduce a “living wage” for council workers