Pupils judge staff’s musical ability in X Factor-style show

FOR all the detentions, homework and end of term tests, getting their own back on teachers is an opportunity one group of pupils have been relishing.

Today, it was to be their turn at taking charge as they became judge on their superiors in an X Factor-style talent show.

Swapping stuffy suits and stern expressions, teachers at Liberton High were set to let their hair down for an afternoon of singing and dancing, with a science teacher even transforming himself into rock legend Jimi Hendrix.

Pupil judges were then to be tasked with marking them.

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“What comments I give the teachers will depend on their performance, but I will just be myself, be honest and speak my mind,” said John-Paul Mason, 14, speaking ahead of the Xmas Factor event.

“It should be great fun. It’s not something we are used to seeing from the teachers.”

Around 30 teachers agreed to take to the stage for the competition.

Among them are a 20-strong dance group, who have been practising every lunchtime for the past two weeks.

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They have created a five-minute routine to songs by Michael Jackson and hip-hop craze LMFAO, ending with a number from Hairspray – a show pupils staged earlier this year.

Scott McCorquodale, principal teacher of music, said: “We used to do a staff panto at the end of term, but we decided to change it.

“It’s a good chance for staff to get together and make a fool of themselves.

“It’s a bit of fun and good for the kids to see the staff in a different light.”

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In addition to the dance troupe, Graham Crawford was set to ditch his science teacher image in favour of Jimi Hendrix when he performed The Wind Cries Mary, while religious and moral education teacher Joe Walker was hotly tipped for the top with his rendition of Winter Wonderland.

Mr McCorquodale added: “The staff dance group have been slogging away for the past two weeks. There are a few people taking part in a really light-hearted way and then you get to the dance group who have been rehearsing every lunchtime.

“Joe Walker is a bit of a dark horse, so he might be one to beat.

“The concert coincides with the last day of our headteacher, Donald Macdonald, who is going to Gillespie’s, so some of the staff have put together a number called The MacTrapp Family, which is a take on the von Trapp family from The Sound of Music.

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“He [Mr Macdonald] might even make an appearance in the staff dance routine.”

Liberton High is renowned for its fondness of talent shows and has been running its own L Factor for several years.

In the past, platinum-selling songstress Sandi Thom has sat on the judging panel for the popular school contest.

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