Mystery over Edinburgh’s West End ducks

THREE little ducks are raising a smile with drenched commuters and residents in Edinburgh’s West End by mysteriously appearing in a large puddle whenever it rains.

Thursday, 7th March 2019, 10:41 am
Updated Thursday, 7th March 2019, 10:42 am

The plastic toys only ever come out for a splash when the Atholl Crescent puddle is full, forcing walkers to skip over or risk getting their socks wet.

It is thought the stunt may be a tongue-in-cheek prompt for the council to fix the drainage round the pavement, which regularly floods after any rainfall.

Meanwhile the bathtime duckies have prompted a following on Twitter, with office workers and visitors alike stopping to take photos and videos.

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The ducks on Atholl Crescent. Picture: TSPL

One local resident, Dr Andrew Tod, 84, said: “I only ever see them when it rains and I’m on my way to take my grandson to the school bus.

“It always gives us a little chuckle. These gardens were re-done recently at vast expense to the taxpayer and this bit of pavement, the main walkway between Haymarket to the centre of town, is forever flooding when we get even the least bit of rain.

“It’s clearly a humorous little dig from one of my neighbours to the council to sort it out, it’s harmless, and it’s lightening our day when the rain might be otherwise getting us down.

“I honestly don’t know who is behind it, because the ducks mysteriously disappear whenever it dries up, but whoever it is, I salute them.”