Video: Giant rats running riot on Scottish housing estate

Monster rats are running amok on a housing estate, residents have claimed.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 22nd April 2019, 8:37 am
Updated Monday, 22nd April 2019, 8:39 am

The rodents - some nine inches long - have even learned how to scale the walls of flats at Dumbiedykes, Edinburgh, leaving locals demanding pest controllers are called in.

Web designer Andrea Meneghini, 49, said: “I’m going away next week and I’m worried they’ll come through my letterbox - I’m paranoid.”

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Footage filmed from Mr Meneghini’s window shows the rats running between bushes where they nest and bin bays to scavenge for food.

“We never saw rats or mice up until seven or eight months ago.” said Mr Meneghini.

“You’d see them from time-to-time walking in the street running around but now there’s more and more and more - I think probably because nothing is being done.

“I e-mailed the housing officer three days ago but have heard nothing back. I’ve told the residents’ association too.

“The residents’ association said they’ll raise it at a meeting but they only meet once a month.

“It’s the same story all the time. All we seem to do is have meetings. Maybe we should invite the rats to a residents’ meeting.

Mr Meneghini said he was worried of the health implications of so may rats on the site.

He said: “It’s so unhealthy. They’re nesting in all the wild vegetation that’s around. It needs cutting back.

“You see them running into the bin chute areas to get food because there’s a huge gap under the doors.

“You can put your fist through. They need to put brushes under the door to stop them.

“Everybody has noticed them and everybody is talking about it. People are horrified. Others have phoned the council as well to put pressure on

“They’re climbing the walls and trying to get on people’s balconies. They’re big as well - eight or nine inches.”

The Evening News reported last month how pest control experts warned of a ‘plague’ of super rats immune from poison.

Sylvia Hill, owner of Wee Critters, said: “As each year passes rats account for a larger percentage of our daily work. We know from experience that the problem will continue to get worse.”

A city council spokesman said: “Pest control is a matter of public health and is a concern we respond to as a priority.

“We work with residents and businesses who report pest control issues to us and take all reasonable steps to resolve such problems.

“We will investigate this case and work with the resident and other neighbours to resolve the matter as quickly as possible.”