Siobhan to sing praises of culture

a FOLK singer from Penicuik will tell an audience at the Scottish Parliament tomorrow that music, art and drama must be given the same priority in education as maths and literacy.

Siobhan Miller, 25, is taking part in a panel discussion as part of the Festival of Politics on encouraging creativity and culture among young people.

Also on the panel will be Ricky Ross, of the band Deacon Blue, and Vicky Featherstone, chief executive of the National Theatre of Scotland.

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Ms Miller said: “I have always been surrounded by creativity. My mum is an artist and my dad is a mathematician and musician.

“Everyone is creative in some way or another and I don’t know if we always catch that and nourish it to the full.

“I do feel there could be more done to ensure all children are encouraged in the creativity they have in whatever area, making sure the education system is as much about music, art and drama as maths and literacy,”

The event, at 5.15pm in the parliament’s debating chamber, will be chaired by Deputy Presiding Officer Elaine Smith.