Sister hopes rapist will ‘rot in hell’

THE sister of Da Vinci Code rapist Robert Greens has hit out at her sibling, saying she hopes he “rots in hell”.

Mother-of-one Catherine Greens reportedly said she was disgusted that her brother could carry out the brutal rape of a 19-year-old Dutch student – especially after he had helped her through her own ordeal when she was sexually abused as a young child.

Catherine, 35, said: “What shocked me most with Robert is that he knew what I went through as a youngster and he was protective of me growing up. For him to then go on and do what he did to that poor girl is just disgusting. My heart goes out to her. I know exactly what she’s going through and I can’t ever forgive Robert for that.”

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Greens, 34, was jailed for ten years in 2006 after what a judge described as “one of the worst cases of rape” ever dealt with at the High Court.

After being released at the start of this year, he lived in Dalkeith and Edinburgh before being temporarily moved out of the Lothians for two months. Greens’ new home is just six miles from Rosslyn Chapel, where he carried out the attack in 2005. Furious residents are demanding that he be moved.