Stalker torched ex’s flat after she dumped him

Tayyab Ahmad was found guilty at Glasgow High Court. Picture: John DevlinTayyab Ahmad was found guilty at Glasgow High Court. Picture: John Devlin
Tayyab Ahmad was found guilty at Glasgow High Court. Picture: John Devlin
A CRAZED stalker who torched a young mum’s flat after she dumped him has been jailed for five years

Tayyab Ahmad terrorised Louise McCabe when she ended their relationship in July last year.

He hounded her – and even her mother - with calls before trashing her Edinburgh flat and slashing her tyres.

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It left the traumatised 26 year-old too scared to return to her home.

But crazed Ahmad eventually went on to set fire to the flat when she refused to meet him.

Ahmad was today locked up at the High Court in Glasgow after pleading guilty to stalking and wilful fire-raising.

It emerged he already had a previous conviction for harassing his estranged wife.

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Judge Lord Burns told him: “You stalked your former partner and her mother in the most frightening and abusive manner.

“Their lives were rendered a misery. You appear to be unable to accept the breakdown in a relationship and are utterly obsessed with the thought of rejection.”

Ahmad will be supervised for a further two years on his release.

The court heard how the couple had been dating for around six months before Miss McCabe ditched Ahmad in July last year.

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Almost immediately, jilted Ahmad bombarded the young mum with calls and messages.

He quickly turned sinister when on July 29 he showed up at her flat.

She was getting out of the bath when she was suddenly confronted by her ex.

He had previously never had a key, but it is thought he had one cut without her knowing.

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A stunned Miss McCabe immediately called police as Ahmad demanded she return a ring, but he eventually left.

However, a week later, he returned when she was not there to trash the flat.

He vandalised the bedroom, ripped and doused clothes in bleach, smashed up furniture as well as cutting electrical wiring.

Ahmad then sent a text to Miss McCabe’s mum Elaine Bell, which included: “Tell Louise to check flat is f*****.”

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He later sent another that read: “I hope I didn’t leave a mess.”

The court heard how Ahmad boasted to a friend what he had done and “appeared proud of himself”.

Ahmad then went on that day to also slash the tyres of Miss McCabe’s car after buying a set of kitchen knives from a local Tesco store.

Miss McCabe was so scared she went to live with her mum.

Ahmad repeatedly made threats that his ex get in touch, but when she ignored him, events turned even more grim for his former lover.

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The next day, neighbours of Miss McCabe reported a blaze at her home.

The fire – started by Ahmad in the bedroom – affected the whole of the flat with walls and windows damaged together with furniture, clothes and toys being wrecked.

Ahmad later sent a message to a friend confessing and that he apparently had “no reason to live”.

Ahmad was found that night in Glasgow and held by police.

But, he denied to officers setting the flat alight claiming he had been out drinking at the time at an Edinburgh bar.

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Ahmad was later charged and bailed by a sheriff on the condition he stayed away from Miss McCabe.

But, within days, he was hounding her again demanding she see him.

Prosecutor Iain McSporran said: “She refused and shortly afterwards received a photo email which depicted a wire or rope made into a noose hanging in front of a window.”

Police traced Ahmad to a property in Edinburgh’s Morrison Street. After forcing entry, Ahmad appeared to have made an attempt to take his own life.

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He was arrested again, but, even while remanded in custody, he still called Miss McCabe – on one occasion telling her: “You f***** my life”.

The stalking campaign Ahmad pled guilty to lasted between July and October last year.

The court also heard Miss McCabe has visited Ahmad in jail “to try to understand why he did these things to her”.

Ahmad had previously been the subject of a non harassment order in 2013 banning him from contacting his estranged wife.

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The court heard the offending there had “similarities” to Miss McCabe’s ordeal including Ahmad destroying clothes and other property.

His lawyer Stuart Carson today said Ahmad’s conduct in this latest case was “quite appalling”.