'Beyond a joke' - Readers react to tram extension plans set to begin in November

Edinburgh has been told to brace itself for three years of upheaval as work finally starts on the city's tram extension to Newhaven next month.

Friday, 11th October 2019, 11:45 am

Work will begin on the £207 million project on November 18 and is due to finish by Spring 2023, Edinburgh City Council announced yesterday.

Work will begin in two sections of Constitution Street between Foot of the Walk to Coatfield Lane and the north junction of Queen Charlotte Street to Constitution Place.

Evening News readers were quick to share their views on the announcement.

The tram line will extend to Newhaven.

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Ah... so that'll actually be at least five years of upheaval at a cost in excess of £500m!! #bigtrainset David Hogg

Time to look for another job as driving a bus about Edinburgh all day is getting beyond a joke. Colin Stevenson

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Edinburgh tram extension: November start date for construction of £207m project

As a tram hater I changed my mind after starting work in Edinburgh. It's made a huge difference to getting in and out of the city. The more areas that it can serve the better. And if it solves congestion then bring it on! Gavin Spence

It’s private companies that are footing majority of the bill and the council is using some of its environmental impact budget to do this, so it’s not more money down the drain it’s money put aside for making the environment better. Elle Bain

I’ve forgotten what the east end looks like without roadworks. Melanie Marshall

Wow, it looks good, can’t understand why some people don’t like it. Some people just don’t like progress. Neil Clark

I get the tram to work everyday and it’s about 35 minutes quicker than the bus at peak times. Peter Moyes

We can’t even sort a hospital for out kids yet spending on two tram lines comes in over £1bn, extension is not needed. Gary Dickinson

Can we just call for a public enquiry now as to where it all went wrong and why it went millions over budget, just to save time later on? Kevin Duff

Why don't they use this money to get homes for the homeless people in Edinburgh first then think about another tram line? Craig Ward

Amazing news, waste more public money, might as well lob down some 200 year old trees whilst you’re at it at Christmas time. Philip Caldwell