Motorbike chaos which left two injured linked to David McGarvey tribute

Bikers who caused havoc riding recklessly across the city have been linked to a tribute 'ride out' to dead biker David McGarvey.

Monday, 15th January 2018, 7:11 am
Updated Monday, 15th January 2018, 7:31 am
David McGarvey was killed on Boxing Day

Bikers who caused havoc riding recklessly across the city at the weekend have been linked to a tribute “ride out” to dead biker David McGarvey.

Two pedestrians suffered minor injuries in one incident on Ferry Road while there were reports of “thousands of pounds’ worth of damage” to sports pitches.

Eyewitnesses spoke of a group of up to 50 bikers with some speeding through residential streets and performing wheelies.

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Two pedestrians injured in motorbike gang's rampage through Edinburgh

Police said today they were investigating to identify those responsible and warned they would “use all the resources at our disposal” to tackle “irresponsible riding”.

It was reported the so-called “ride out” was staged in a tribute to 28-year-old motorcycle enthusiast David McGarvey who was killed when his motorbike crashed into a parked car in Duddingston on Boxing Day.

One witness, Jinty Lyons, wrote on Facebook: “There must have been 50 that we saw going past Niddrie, speeding off through residential streets.

“Fair enough with the memorial ride but when people are injured, bikers pulling wheelies and not caring about others driving on the road then it

becomes a major safety issue. Jack Kane grounds are in a complete mess.”

Brian Gunn, a committee member at Edina Hibs at the Jack Kane centre, said injuries could have been more severe.

“There were 50-60 motorbikes destroying the pitches at JKC and terrorising the streets around east Edinburgh. Me and my sons aged five and ten were out cycling at the time at innocent railway cycle path and they wouldn’t slow down and nearly hit us.

“Sad thing about this is that the tribute ruined the pitches where the chap who passed away’s son trains and plays football. I have been in talks with the police, council and Edinburgh Leisure about fencing as I am worried a child will be killed.”

Simon Graham added: “I was behind three of these bikes at around 11.45 going down past the Western, they were all wearing RIP shirts and one pulled a wheelie all the way down Telford Road.”

Keighley Williamson added: “It was a nice idea but should have taken other people’s safety into consideration.”

In the incident on Ferry Road, a 61-year-old man and 58-year-old woman were struck by a motorbike near the red bridge at 1.30pm and both were treated at the scene for minor


A spokesman for north Edinburgh tenants and residents group TRIM said: “Again we are disappointed that we’ve had another motorbike related


“Saturday saw numerous residents take to social media in panic to warn others that more than 30 individuals on bikes were driving dangerously, causing motorists and pedestrians to take evasive action. Many reported this ride out was part of a memorial to David McGarvey who died on Boxing Day.”

“These two people are lucky not to be killed and it is just another stark reminder that motorbikes, in the wrong hands, are lethal. We thank the people who stopped to assist and the Scottish Ambulance Service and Police Scotland for their prompt response.”

In an appeal for information Chief Inspector Alan Carson of Edinburgh south west said the message of irresponsible riding was not getting through.

He said: “We take this type of behaviour extremely seriously and will use all the resources at our disposal to tackle it. Unfortunately the message is not getting through to these individuals despite several fatalities and serious injuries in the past months and years.”