Storm Diana: This is when it will hit Edinburgh - hour-by-hour

Edinburgh will feel the full force of Storm Diana as it sweeps across Scotland tomorrow.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 27th November 2018, 10:44 am
Updated Tuesday, 27th November 2018, 11:34 am
Edinburgh is set to be hit by heavy rain and high winds
Edinburgh is set to be hit by heavy rain and high winds

The Met Office has issued a series of yellow "be aware" warnings for wind and rain across large parts of Scotland with the remnants of Storm Diana set to blast the country on Wednesday and Thursday.

A yellow warning for wind is in place from 9am to midnight tomorrow for the entire West coast of Scotland and a large portion of the central belt, while a second "be aware" warning for wind is in place for the majority of the east coast from midday on Wednesday to 3am on Thursday.

Met office Spokesperson Richard Miles said gusts of 60-70mph could hit Edinburgh, adding that Edinburgh residents can expect "cloudy, windy and rainy" weather throughout the day.

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Edinburgh is set to be hit by heavy rain and high winds

Here is a Wednesday weather timeline for Edinburgh;

6am-9am: Light rain showers and light southeasterly winds during the morning rush hour. Max temperature: 6C. Max wind speed: 12mph. Max wind gust: 24mph.

9am-12pm: Rain dissipates, but wind speeds intensify slightly. Max temperature: 9C. Max wind speed: 15mph. Max wind gust: 31mph.

12-2pm: Heavy rain fall and wind gusts pushing 40mph over the lunchtime period Max temperature: 11C. Max wind speed: 18mph. Max wind gust: 36mph.

2pm-5pm: Light rain and gusts of winds over 40mph. Max temperature: 12C Max wind speed: 21mph Max wind gust: 43mph

5pm-7pm: Heavy rain showers and high winds during the evening rush hour. Max temperature: 12C Max wind speed: 23mph Max wind gust: 47mph

7pm onwards: High winds persist, but heavy rain showers peter out by 9pm. Max temperature: 11C Max wind speed: 23mphMax wind gust: 47mph

Wednesday into Thursday: wind gusts will dip into the 20s overnight, with heavy rain possible from 9am onwards. Wind speed has potential to increase throughout Thursday, but wont match the speeds of Wednesday. Max temperature: 9C Max wind speed: 17mph Max wind gust: 35mph