‘What part of no don’t they get?’: Edinburgh reacts to calls for ‘inevitable’ congestion charge

Former Edinburgh MSP and SNP cabinet minister Kenny MacAskill called for Edinburgh to introduce a congestion charge - 14 years after the idea was rejected in a referendum.

Monday, 27th May 2019, 9:32 am

Last week, writing in a newspaper column, Mr MacAskill argued congestion charging was inevitable and it was only a matter of when.

EEN readers were quick to react to the former Justice Minister’s comments...

Kenny MacAskill backs a congestion charge for Edinburgh - 14 years after the idea was rejected in a referendum

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Congestion charging in Edinburgh remains a hot topic among our readers.

“He said city streets should be enjoyed by pedestrians and cyclists as much as motorists.” Well Kenny, if pedestrians and cyclists are to enjoy the streets as much as motorists. I assume you intend to pepper the pavements with potholes, introduce pinch points throughout the city so people on foot have to filter through these at a snail’s pace, loitering tickets for parking yourself in the same place too long, tickets for walking or cycling too fast over the new 2mph limit - Gordon Smith

If Mr MacAskill, former Justice Secretary has any grasp of natural justice, he’ll ask the council pay their fair share for artificially increasing congestion with their ‘traffic management’ schemes and the £1b roadblock on rails. - Lucien Romano

Edinburgh is a nightmare with potholes and roadworks, and maybe if they stopped building all these houses, there wouldn’t be congestion. - Alison Henderson

What part of “no” didn’t they understand? - Steven Oliver

Do the SNP want to leave any money in our pockets? - Robert Anderson

So Nicola Sturgeon builds support for independence and another member of the SNP alienates the majority of voters in Edinburgh. The SNP has been an easy choice for a long time, but after failing to keep promises on the trams and now this . . ! - Kieran Panico

What, travel in cars? Are they trying to discourage non- Edinburgh residents travelling in? Locals to walk more? Use buses more and make it cheaper? Justification of trams? It is not easy to drive around, so we drive through/across/in circles just to avoid potholes and poor traffic management systems. Spend some real time being a real person doing some real work and travel day in day out for several months in various real lives across the whole of the Lothians before you open your big gob again. - Bruce Johnston

Indyref2, Congestion2, Extentram2 . . . If the SNP put the same effort into housing, education, health care and helping the homeless, then we could have a great city. But it seems that this party is only focused on their own agendas. NO means NO. - Scoot Jy

Edinburgh residents should be GIVEN money for trying to drive around the city. Constant road works, now tram works, it’s hellish. Gemma Fox

Congestion charges were rejected and that’s an end to it. The SNP needs to start living within their budget - like everyone else. - John Sowrey

He should sod off! The motorists are being penalised enough - they think we are easy money. - Maureen McMillan

The SNP seem to have difficulty with the word ‘no’. - Simon Booth

Half the roads are now 20mph, so you can find yourself crawling along a big, wide, empty road for no discernible reason. - Scott Reid

They need more space for students and tourists - they want us who live here out. - Flora Macdonald