Murrayburn School pupils board British Rail TV Train bound for St Andrews at Gorgie East Station Edinburgh. The train, equipped with closed-circuit television, allowed the children to be taught as they travelled along.

Edinburgh's South Sub railway: 12 photos of Edinburgh's lost railway, 60 years after its closure

Around 750,000 passengers a year used to travel on Edinburgh’s South Suburban railway which linked the city centre with communities from Portobello to Morningside.

The line closed to passenger services 60 years ago, on September 8, 1962, and is now only used for freight trains and occasionally as a diversion route for other services.

But many see the route as an under-used asset and want to see it brought back into regular use as a way of tackling congestion and pollution caused by the number of cars, lorries and buses clogging the city’s roads. It would also make it much easier to get from one area to another without going into the city centre.

These pictures show the line and its stations before the closure and also how it looks now.

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