Family of Kirsty Maxwell call for support from Spanish authorities

The family of Kirsty Maxwell have urged the Spanish authorities to do more to support them in their investigation in the new year.
The family of Kirsty Maxwell are calling for more support.The family of Kirsty Maxwell are calling for more support.
The family of Kirsty Maxwell are calling for more support.

Police are continuing to investigate the tragic death of Kirsty Maxwell, who fell from a hotel balcony in Benidorm while on a hen do.

Officers are investigating what caused the incident that led to the death of the 27-year-old and if foul play was a factor.

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In 2017 the family employed former police officer David Swindle - who set up Operation Swindle to investigate serial killer Peter Tobin’s crimes - to investigate her death.

Swindle told Forth One: “This is the start of 2018 and Kirsty’s family have been asking so many questions and one in particular, a very important thing, where is Kirsty’s clothing? That has not been answered.

“This was treated as a homicide investigation and from my experience clothing from a victim is very important, it holds clues. But despite numerous requests from the family and social media appeals they do not have the answer.

“There is no information and that is over eight months now since Kirsty died. It is really sad that they are having to cope with the death of a loved one but also grapple with a system that is not providing them any information.”

Livingston MP Hannah Bardell has called for further action from Spain’s Interior Ministry, however, she is still awaiting a response.